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STARS-kids is a 501(c)(3) public charity working to eliminate complications associated with hydrocephalus and shunts by funding vital research projects.

• Hydrocephalus occurs in approximately 1.5 per 1,000 births
• An estimated 50% of shunts fail within the first two years
• About 40,000 shunt-related operations are performed annually in the US
• Hydrocephalus is a ONE-BILLION dollar per year health care issue

These statistics underscore the need for continued improvements in shunt technology and our understanding of hydrocephalus on the brain. Unfortunately, hydrocephalus and shunt research are grossly under funded. Although research is a world wide endeavor, progress is slow due to this limited funding dilemma.
Through private donations, STARS-kids is able to provide seed funding for short term, two-year projects. We are the only non-profit public charity of its kind that provides this type of start-up funding for hydrocephalus and shunt research to qualified institutions across the country. Since December 2004, STARS-kids has awarded over $458,700.00 to support thirteen different projects.

Every dollar contributed to STARS-kids brings our volunteer team closer to our goal of ensuring a brighter future for shunted children.

STARS-kids earns a referral fee each time a customer uses
the link to the right to make a purchase at Amazon.com.

Use www.goodsearch.com as your internet search engine. We earn a penny per search. Just designate STARS-kids as your charity of choice.

Use www.goodshop.com as your internet shopping mall. We earn a percentage of each on-line purchase made from such retailers as Target, Best Buy, Macy's, Itunes, Kohls, Walmart and many more. Just designate STARS-kids as your charity of choice.

Donate a car, boat or other vehicle to www.charitymotors.org. You may also phone 888-908-CARS. Designate your sales amount to STARS-kids.
Thanks to our dedicated and supportive contributors,
Stars-Kids has and can continue to effect change.
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